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Established in 2008, the company quickly expanded to keep up with the growing demand for smart, relatable, and affordable tutors. Since then, approximately 300 tutors have served over 1,000 clients throughout the Conejo Valley School District. We seek to continue helping the community, acting as a bridge between teachers and students.
Matt Rhodes

Matt co-founded T.O. Student Tutoring in 2008 as a TOHS sophomore, after recognizing the demand for high quality and affordable student tutors. He graduated from TOHS in 2011 as one of the class valedictorians. He currently spends the majority of his time as a co-founder at Foundry, an e-commerce brand platform.


Annika Herko
Client Manager


Allison Rhodes
Business Development

Allison graduated from Ithaca College in 2018 with a B.S. in  Business Administration with a double concentration in Finance and Management. She graduated from TOHS in 2014, managed T.O. Student Tutoring while she was in high school, and recently rejoined the business in January of 2018. She currently works as a Project Manager at PennyMac in Agoura Hills.


Oliver Htway
Tutor Manager



Hi! My name is Annika Herko and I am a senior at Thousand Oaks High School. This year, I am taking AP Physics, AP Gov/Econ, Chamber Orchestra, and AP English Literature. Some of my previous classes include AP Calculus, AP Biology, Spanish 3, AP European History, and AP English Language. I am involved with The Center for Advanced Studies and Research, Orchestra, Basketball, Football Announcing, and Academic Decathlon. I am available all days of the week and I am excited to work with you!


Hi! my name is Oliver Htway and I am currently a senior at Thousand Oaks High School. I am currently enrolled in AP Literature, AP Chemistry, AP Studio Art 2-D Design, Concert Choir, and Chinese 1. Some of my previous classes include AP Language & Composition, AP Biology, AP Research, AP Seminar, and Japanese 1-3. I am a choir officer for the TOHS Choirs and have been President of the Science Club at Thousand Oaks High School. I am also involved with The Center for Advanced Studies and Research and various other clubs at my high school. My schedule is fairly flexible, and I am excited to be working with you!


We like staying in touch with our students, their parents, and friends. Once a month we send out a newsletter with the latest studying tips, company news, and community updates. Check out our previous issues here.

Volunteering in the Community

From 2009-2011, T.O. Student Tutoring worked on a volunteer operation at Park Oaks and Glenwood Elementary School.  The schools, located only a few miles from TOHS, have a high population of disadvantaged students.  We donated 60+ free hours of tutoring every month by working every Monday and Wednesday after school, and hope to continue our volunteer tutoring at other local schools. If you have any suggestions for partnerships, please feel free to reach out to us at

Company Contact Information:

Matt Rhodes

2031 Hendrix Ave Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

United States

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