Some students dream of success. We make it happen.



Our tutoring services focus on your student's most critical problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

Our tutors rank at the top of their classes, and tutor only in the classes they are best at. We believe that learning simply makes sense when it's from a tutor that's been through the same classes only a few years back. Furthermore, we love what we do and we love bringing our success to our clients.



T.O Student Tutoring understands you have a busy schedule.  That's why we offer in-home tutoring at the same low cost of $35/hour.

That being said, many students find the Public Library more conducive to a learning environment, and elect to work there instead. 

In accordance to CA law, a legal guardian must be present for in-home tutoring.




Our Student Tutors are expert strategists.

While we help our clients with daily homework and tests, we strive to guide our students to achieve their long term goals through good work habits, organization, and pattern recognition.

We ask that our students bring any useful material to every lesson. This includes previous tests, ongoing homework, the subject binder, subject textbook, and anything else you feel is important.

Julianne's Mom, Redwood Middle School Parent

"Everything is going really well. Julianne really likes Jessica and feels much more confident in the math concepts that were tripping her up, so we’re really happy! 
Thanks for your recommendation.  If/when her friends need tutors this year,  you can bet I’ll be singing the praises of T.O. [Student] Tutoring!"