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"Matt is a really really good math tutor. He is really patient and has the best calculator!! Also he can come on a very short notice which is good for next day tests. I am learning a lot and my grade has come up so I can stay in math honors this year and get into honors next year! Now, Algebra is a lot more clear!"

Tina Smith, Thousand Oaks High School Student

"Tutoring has changed my son's performance in school. He now knows the reward of hard work in academics."

Mrs. Beverly Langdon, Thousand Oaks High School Parent


"Matt was able to help me greatly with my Algebra 1 difficulties. He was able to walk me through several concepts step by step. I had a very positive learning experience and I would encourage you to use Matt or any of the other tutors to help you with your educational needs."


Andy, Redwood Middle School Student


"Wanted to give you a comment about Jingyi Li, who is tutoring our 9th-grade son in H Biology at WHS.

She is exceptional.  Sully finds her clear, articulate, focused, patient, and nimble to focus on topics most concerning our son at the moment.  She exudes a kind of 'quiet confidence' that provides assurance to students that she intends to help them improve.  The proof is that Sully is doing much better, and more importantly, shows more excitement about grasping complex concepts. 

FYI, prior to stumbling across your web site, we were quite stuck at finding a tutor who could serve Sully's immediate needs.  Had we begun using Jingyi several months ago, we believe Sully would already be doing A work in this challenging class. 

As a long-time professor at the University of Washington, I have some vague memory of being a "TA" for a professor in college, as well as tutoring middle school kids separately.  Beyond the benefit your program provides students in desperate need of tutoring, it gives tutors opportunities to 'test their wings' at teaching.

And last, I can't thank you enough for crossing the continental divide [T.O. vs WHS], and being insightful and courteous enough to extend your service to students from another school.  As you know, we couldn't find an available H Biology tutor on your website -- instead of blowing it off, you kept searching to find a tutor.  We were stunned to have Jingyi come our way.  Thanks."


Dr. Jim Clark, Westlake High School Parent



"Everything is going really well. Julianne really likes Jessica and feels much more confident in the math concepts that were tripping her up, so we’re really happy! 
Thanks for your recommendation.  If/when her friends need tutors this year,  you can bet I’ll be singing the praises of T.O. [Student] Tutoring!"

Julianne's Mom, Redwood Middle School Parent


“Sarah was having trouble in math, especially with tests. She was getting grades that were barely passing. Since Ali McCraine started tutoring her, she has gotten A's on her last 2 tests and she is much more confident about her math skills. I would highly recommend T.O. [Student] Tutoring. It has been a positive experience for my daughter."

Mom, Redwood Middle School


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